Modern Home Decor – 3 Top Ideas That You Can Use

If you’re interested in decorating your home with modern home decor, then you have got plenty of options available to you.

The modern or contemporary style is in fact very individual, which means that you can combine different themes or subject matter to create the feel you want.

To help get you started, here are some top ideas for how to achieve a modern decor look for your home.

Tip 1

Use wall art that reflects your tastes and desires.

The emphasis on modern decor is on more minimalist backgrounds, with wall art that’s chosen because it evokes a certain feel for the room, or simply the fact that you enjoy that particular work of art.

The sky’s the limit here on wall art, as you can modern pieces that portray any theme or subject that you enjoy.

This includes quality reproductions of original works which won’t stretch the budget as much, or originals from modern artists that you admire, including works of artists you personally know.

Tip 2

Use color in an original way.

The beauty of modern decor is that you can be totally original in your use of color.

If your home is built in the modern style, with modern themed doors, windows, internal fittings and finishes, then there’s no limit to your use of color.

For example, you can have a feature wall, or piece of furniture such as a chest of drawers, to provide color in a room. And that color is not restricted in any sense, as its function is to be a feature, so it’s purely your personal preference and taste.

So ensure the color of piece of decor is pleasing to you, and it will add a point of interest in the room.

Tip 3

Use pattern in an original way.

Just like the use of color, pattern is a very popular way of decorating the home, and this includes homes featuring modern decor.

For example, there are some wallpaper designs which takes the original classics and reworks them to a new expression. They are bold, they are beautiful, and they will immediately lift the energy in any room they’re put in.

You can use them for a feature room, where you want to achieve an effect which is elegant but modern at the same time.

Many homes in Berlin and New York feature this new take on a classic idea.

So there you have it. You now know 3 top ideas on how to decorate your home with a modern or contemporary theme, using wall art, color and pattern. So practice having a look at the decor of modern homes and buildings that you’re visiting, and see some of these ideas in action. By looking and feeling, you’ll understand the effect that each aspect of modern home decor, will have on your home.

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Pelican Home Decor

In years past, the flamingo seemed to be the bird of choice for those who wanted to enhance their garden or yard with a replica of a shore bird; however that trend seems to have changed to engulf another shore bird of the present.

The Pelican seems to be the new Flamingo, particularly when it comes to home decor.
Pelican home decor is the wave of the present and pelicans are popping up everywhere, from your neighbors fencing to your own bathroom.

Some of the pelicans are quite natural in appearance while others are done in post modern style and still others are contrived of brass, hand blown glass or some other metallic material.

Pelican home decor is not just for the outside either. Cottages boasting entire rooms done in the style of the shore, featuring sand and seashells and a flock of pelicans stenciled on the wall are featured in several of the magazines we’ve seen featuring rustic or outdoor like decorating themes.

The pelican is showing up virtually everywhere. There are lovingly crafted hand made pelican door knockers that will announce your visitors in a whimsical way, while the pelican bird feeder sitting on the porch, or under a tree and holding the bird seed carefully in his mouth will give a touch of the comedic to your small garden nook. Pelican home decor has arrived.

Pelican planters have found their way into the garden or the inside of the house to hold a few herb plants on the window sill, while the pelican shaped carved stepping stool can help your child reach the bathroom sink for his or her nightly tooth brushing task. Pelican home decor has… well; it’s come home to roost if you don’t mind the bad pun.

Another trend in home decorating that seems to have hit a high note with those who are decorating this season is brass. The brass pelican home decor, merely an outline of the shore bird, done in a brass type wire, seen recently on the eBay outlet received a very good outpouring of bids and had the auction stayed open longer, there is little doubt that it would have fetched a far greater price than it did in the end run of this auction.

Bottom line, if you’re looking for something new and different in home decor, something that hasn’t completely arrived yet, and you don’t want to look like the “guy next door” and want to get a jump on the latest trends in decorating, take a look at pelican home decor. You’re probably going to find something that you like enough to take down that year’s old pink flamingo and replace him.

Home Decorating Terms Explained

Home decoration is the art of decorating a home so that it is comfortable, functions well and it is aesthetic. It encompasses applying wallpaper, painting walls, choosing furniture and providing other decorations such as paintings, sculptures and rugs It is focused on finishes such as furnishings. The basic idea is usage and functionality. Important home decorating items are bookends, candelabras and chandeliers, wall clocks, coat racks, desk lamps, desk sets, fireplace screens, jewelry armoires, magazine racks, mirrors, plant stands, table lights, quilt racks, room dividers, vanities, accent chairs and tables, carpets or area rugs.

Now, let’s take a look at a short list, not claiming to be exhaustive, of home decorating terms you may not understand, although you see them often on home decorating related websites.

  • Armoire – A movable wardrobe, usually with one or two doors.
  • Bookend – Object in a bookcase, designed to keep a row of books upright.
  • Candelabra – Decorative candlesticks shaped as a pedestal, having arms for holding candles.
  • Carpet – Loom-woven, grass or felted textile floor covering.
  • Chandelier – A ceiling-mounted fixture with arms bearing lights.
  • Chest – A rectangular piece of furniture with four walls and a liftable lid, used for storage.
  • Easel – An upright support used for holding a painting for display.
  • Interior decorating – The art of decorating the interior of a home.
  • Interior design – The creative practice of shaping the interior space of a home.
  • Light fixture – Electrical device used to create artificial light or illumination.
  • Mantel clock – Small, moveable clock placed on the shelf, above a fireplace.
  • Shoji screen – A room divider consisting of translucent paper over a wooden frame.
  • Wallpaper – Material used to decorate and cover the interior walls of a home.
  • Wreath – A ring made of leaves and flowers, used as an ornament on a table or hanging on the door.

Tuscan Home Decor For Every Room in Your Home

Tuscan home decor can bring a rich and unique decorating style to any home, regardless of size or room preference. Based on your budget and decorating needs, you can incorporate Tuscan decor elements in your bedroom, living room or even kitchen. It is easy to bring the lush Tuscan style to your home by employing stylistic elements, earth tones and other traditional Tuscan decor elements throughout your chosen space.

Living Room

If you are seeking to redecorate your living room in a traditional Tuscan style, be sure to include warm earth tones, gold hardware elements and decorative items in the same style. For example, ceramic and copper vases/tableware is a wonderful way to infuse your living room decor with luxurious and traditional Tuscan home decor elements. A copper or ceramic pitcher/vase is an epitome of Tuscan life and can be further beautified with intricate paintings or traditional carvings. Place in a prime viewing spot or throughout your living room to create unique visual landing points and a wonderful Tuscan decor.

Other good accessory options for decorating your living room in this style include large wall clocks, antique processed picture frames, wall plaques or wine holders. A stylized iron or copper wine holder adds an authentic element to your living room, as well as proudly displays your wine collection!


Your kitchen is another wonderful (but sometimes overlooked) place to decorate in a Tuscan style. After all, one of Tuscany’s most well-known and well loved features is its world renowned food and wine, so it is fitting to create an Italian decor in your kitchen. Consider some iron/copper serving trays to use or display in your kitchen. A pot rack can also be a functional and beautiful piece of hardware for your kitchen as it creates a traditional feeling of family, cooking and Italy…while adding to your storage and display space!

The colorful and vibrant nature of Tuscan home decor calls for the right dinnerware. Whether for everyday or special occasion use, Tuscan themed dinnerware features warm tones such as reds, golds, yellows as well as vibrant painted artwork on each piece of tableware. Choose your dinnerware with your personal taste in mind, and enjoy a short trip to Italy with each plate!


Bedroom Tuscan decor can be created by employing draperies in earthy colors such as rich brown, red, gold, copper and yellow to embody the landscape and warmth of Italy. Afterwards, you may place decorative elements such as rustic or burnished picture frames, metal wall art or traditional sculptures throughout the room to bring the look together.

Be sure to weave in your own personal preferences and tastes when decorating the chosen room in your home. Employ rich Tuscan tones throughout, take advantage of metal-based, wood and ceramic decorative items and remember that Tuscan home decor can be achieved on any budget.

Modern Home Decor – Decorating in a Popular Style to Update the Look of Your Living Space

Modern home decor is decorating the contemporary home, and as such, what is considered modern home decor changes over time. Basically, this just means decorating in the currently popular style, whatever that may be, as opposed to decorating your home in Victorian style or other styles from times past. Over time what is considered to be modern changes, as people’s preferences for how they want their homes to look change. This is why a lot of people redecorate every so often, they want to keep their homes looking modern.

The big question is, how do you know what is currently considered modern home decor? Especially if you are trying to sell your house, you will want to have it decorated in a manner that will appeal to the most people possible. You don’t want your home to look outdated, as then people will be less inclined to buy it as this would mean a lot more work for them to get it looking the way that they would like it to.

Of course you can always get an interior designer to help you come up with modern home decor that suits your home and your preferences for colors and styles, but this can be quite expensive. It is entirely possible to do this for yourself with a little bit of research and a fair amount of work.

In order to figure out what is currently considered modern decor, you need to check out the available resources for information. There are a wide variety of home decorating magazines, and this is a great way to find out more about what is currently in style with regards to decor. Get the latest issues of some decor magazines to get a good idea of what is currently considered up-to-date. You can also get ideas from the home decorating shows on television, of which there are a large number. Just check out the decorating channels to see what they are recommending and how they are decorating the homes they are featuring. Even if you don’t like the particular things they do, they can give you a lot of different advice and ideas that you can modify to your liking.

Most people these days prefer to have modern home decor, and this is possible for everyone, regardless of their budget. It just takes a little research and some imagination to find ways to update the look of your home.